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Are you looking for a unique idea for a wedding that will still leave a tangible memory? I will come to the place with the painting tools and paint a semi-abstract work of the memorable day, the progress of which you and the party guests can follow. The wedding couple and the guests may recognize themselves from the painting. If you wish, I can also create a completely abstract work based on the atmosphere. The work is initially conceptualized together with the color and style wishes like a commissioned work, but of course the atmosphere and theme on site always affects the final result. 


🌸 What kind of place for a painting spot?

The painting point can be outside (weather permitting) as well as inside, where the party is. For example, a quiet corner from which I can at the same time watch the progress of the party and see as wide as possible the venue. The space does not have to be larger than 1.5 x 1.5 meters. It is good to have a water point for washing brushes somewhere nearby. A protection (for example, an old carpet) is needed under the painting stand to protect against possible paint spills. 

🌸 What equipment is needed for the painting station?

Any chair and, if possible, some kind of side table/level for painting supplies.
If necessary, I can bring the side table myself. I will of course bring the easel and other accessories with me.

🌸 Does the paint smell?

I paint the work with mild-smelling acrylic paints.

🌸 How many hours does it take to paint on site?

The required time is influenced by e.g. the size of the painting. It is good to reserve at least 3 hours for painting + at least half an hour for preparations. With careful preparation, it is possible to agree on a possibly shorter painting session.  I will finish the work within a week, after which I will send the work to your home.

🌸 What size is the work?

The size of the piece depends on the time and budget.
in about 3 hours I can make an approximately 60 x 80 cm painting. 

🌸 I want a live painter for our wedding 😍 How do we proceed?

When the day is booked and the duration of the live painting, the price and the size of the work are agreed upon, we arrange a meeting in my office or remotely for planning. Wishes etc. can also be reviewed by e-mail.
The wishes are reviewed in the same way as for commissioned works, you can read more about themfrom here. 
In advance, we go through e.g. the theme/style of the wedding, the color and style wishes of the piece, the day's schedule and other practical arrangements. The work is paid in 2-3 invoicing installments.

🌸 We have no special wishes for the work. Can you be given free rein?

Of course! However, it helps my preparation if I hear a little about the style of the wedding party and about you as people in advance. Color wishes are always a plus.

🌸 Do you need something from us during the live painting?

Everything is supposed to be reviewed in advance so that the wedding couple does not have to worry in any way about matters related to live painting during the celebration. However, when I arrive, it's good that someone from the venue's staff shows me the painting spot and the water point, for example. Both the wedding couple and the guests are free to look at my painting and ask questions.  If you want, I can give a short introduction about the work and myself.

🌸 Can you come and do live painting for other than wedding parties?

Absolutely, live painting can be done in exactly the same way also at other parties or events.

🌸 How much does live painting cost? Do you need to book accommodation or meals?

Live painting including the finished work is from €1,500 (incl. VAT) + travel expenses. Less than 300 km from Helsinki, I don't need accommodation. If the painting session lasts more than 3.5 hours, it includes a coffee break and a small snack.

🌸Request an offer and ask more about live painting here. 🌸

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