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I also do more traditional portrait paintings of pets on request. I paint the works based on photographs. Please note that due to copyrights, the photo must have been taken by you or you must have permission from the photographer.  The background of the works does not have to be directly from a photograph and it can also be e.g. monochrome or abstract. I will prepare the base of the work according to the dimensions you wish. Below you will find a few examples of completed pet paintings. The size of the work also affects the price a little, but in general pet paintings are somewhat more valuable because of the larger amount of work. Find out more about the order work process and request an offer here. 

As an alternative to a pet portrait, you can also order a semi-abstract work, where one or more of your pets is a smaller detail in an otherwise abstract landscape.Check out the style here.  You can find the price list for this stylefrom here.
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